Thoughtful Software and Modern Practices
ShipLift is a small practice focused on building great software using industry standard practices. We can help you build your next great product, or we can help you take your software and development to the next level.
What can we do for you?

We can take on many project types, but we try to specialize in a few areas.

Developer Experience

We believe that developers should spend as much time building new things and writing code as they can. We can help you create automationions and practices that allow your team to avoid worrying about releases, environments, and process. This usually leads to faster feature development, fewer bugs, and quicker and more frequent deployments.

Hardware Integration

If you need support developing software that can integrate with your hardware, whether it's industrial processing equipment, or a simple light switch, we can help. We have experience integrating with all levels of hardware interation, from creating UIs to developing firmware.

Staff Augmentation

Need to add a team member for a short period of time to help ensure you can deliver your project by a deadline. We are experts at learning new platforms and software stacks, and can typically start contributing to a new project within a few hours. We love beating deadlines and helping your team succeed

Open Source is Important
Whenever possible, we contribute code/time/resources towards the Open Source projects we and our clients use.
We've pledged to donate at least 1% of all revenue towards these projects.
We've donated over $1,573.00 to Open Source projects and initiatives
Our Philosophy
  • Software should be fast, both to build and to use
  • Trust automation. Building software and deploying software should be automated and hands off.
  • Transparency. We'll keep you informed every step of the process
  • Never settle. Software is never done and we want to help you keep it going
A word on estimates

Software estimation is always wrong.

We do not do fixed bid projects, no matter how big or small. We charge a flat hourly rate and will give you clear reporting on every invoice on where your time went. We believe in full transparency, so if we run into challenges or surprises we'll stop work and communicate with you immediatly. We find this is on of the best way to prevent an unexpectedly expensive feature from derailing an entire project.

We also know you need to feel confident you'll get something for your investment, so we will provide rough estimates of what we think something might take. But we can't guarantee those estimates. We also find that the longer we work with someone the better our estimates get, and often you will be able to guess our estimates before you even tell us about a feature.